Amphora Sangiovese 2016


Amphora Sangiovese 2016


A sweet rich mouthfeel with cherry and blackberry flavours and interesting floral notes on the bouquet.

Fermented using traditional methods in a terracotta amphora. Extremely limited release. 

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2015 summer

The summer was slightly cooler than the hot and dry 2013 and 2014. It also had more rain, but not significantly.


The fruit was in perfect shape when we harvested in mid-April. We have been organic since 2012, and the ground cover helps to both absorb moisture and devigourate the vine growth.

Fermentation and Maturation

The fruit was de-stemmed and crushed and pumped into the terracotta amphora. The fermentation lasted several weeks. When finished, the amphora was closed and the skins left in the wine for 6 months. At that time, the skins were removed and the wine put back into the amphora for another 6 months.

Low sulphites were used throughout the maturation period, as the skins act as a preservative. Terracotta, being pourous, helps develop the characters of the wine. But, unlike oak barrels, does not impart any flavour influence.

Making wine in an amphora is an ancient process. It is the original fermentation vessel and is the most natural way of processing grapes into wine. Enjoying this wine is like going back in time.


The experience of tasting this wine is quite unlike more 'normal' wines. It has a ruby hue, slightly lighter than our 2015 Sangiovese made in barrels. The bouquet is floral and 'grapey'- from the extended skin contact. Both the bouquet and palate also have a minerality as well as a pure fruitiness. It is soft, long and complex.